Luxe Loyalty Points

Did you know you've already been earning points towards spa services with every purchase at Luxe? You're earing your way to FREE spa services by collecting loyalty points!

What Are Loyalty Points?

Luxe Loyalty Points are our way of saying thank you. Every time you purchase a product or service with Luxe, we reward you with points and keep track of your total. As you accumulate points, you may redeem them towards in-spa services during any subsequent visit.

How Are They Earned?

No need to apply - in fact, you may already have points! For every dollar spent on products or services (including packages and mobile bookings!) you are rewarded with 5 loyalty points. If you are a Luxe VIP Member, this increases to 6 points for every dollar, or 20% more.

In addition to earning points on your purchases, you will also receive a bonus of 100 points for booking online, and 200 points for pre-booking your next service as you are checking out in the spa.

Want even more? Participate in our Referral Rewards program and ean an extra 500 points when someone you refer to Luxe enjoys a service with us for the first time!

Every Dollar Spent on Products/Services 5 points
Increased Amount for VIP members 6 points
Booking Online 100 points
Pre-booking at Checkout 200 points
Each Friend Referred to Luxe 500 points

How Are They Redeemed?

Every 100 points you accumulate may be redeemed for one dollar towards any in-spa service during a later visit:

100 points $1 off
500 points $5 off
1000 points $10 off
2500 points $25 off

For example, let's say you book online (100 points) and enjoy an ice cream mani/pedi for two (1100 points), then pre-book another service at checkout (200 points), and refer a friend who books a service (500 points). You've now accumulated a total of 1900 points, which can be redeemed for $19 off your next visit!

Points add up quickly over time as you visit Luxe, so don't forget to ask us about your points the next time you come in. There's no limit to how much you an accumulate and save!

Points are non-transferable and have no cash value. Points may be used towards regular priced services only, and cannot be used with other specials/discounts/vouchers/coupons, or for the purchase of mobile service, products, memberships, gift cards/certificates, hair/makeup service, therapeutic massage, or packages. Points are not valid towards taxes or gratuities.

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