Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard you offer mobile spa services. Where can I find more information?

Luxe Mobile Spa provides mobile spa services for spa parties, wedding parties (bridal hair and makeup), corporate wellness, couples, guests of hotels and bed & breakfasts' (in-room), graduation parties, film industry production sets, private label events and so much more.

You can find more information by visiting the Mobile Spa section of this website to view some of our occasions and packages, or give us a call and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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What methods of payment do you accept? Also, are gratuities included in the prices of your services?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Cash. For mobile services, we do not accept debit. Gratuities are at your discretion but always appreciated and are not included in any service, gift certificate or package.

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What are your reservations & cancellations policies?

We welcome short notice appointments, but to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book well in advance (1-2 weeks for the Beauty Lounge, 2-4 weeks for mobile appointments), especially for group bookings and weekends. Prime bridal, grad and holiday seasons may require even more notice.

Due to the overwhelming demand for spa services, many people await appointments through cancellations. We ask that you please notify us 24 hours (48 hours for multiple treatments) prior to your appointment if you are unable to keep your scheduled time and it will be our pleasure to reschedule you. Groups require 7 days notice. If this time requirement is not fulfilled, full services charges will still apply on any late cancellations or no show appointments. We reserve the right to keep any deposit paid if sufficient notice is not given.

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Do you guarantee your services & products?

Of course! We are so confident that you will be amazed with our services and products that if you are not happy for any reason, please let us know so that we can do our best to make it up to you. All unopened products can be exchanged or refunded with a receipt within 15 days of purchase.

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Are there any special precautions I should know about?

Please let your Service Provider know of any medical health conditions, allergies, medications, or if you are using any skin thinning products (such as glycolic or retinol products), if you recently went tanning, or if you require any special care for the duration of your services, as even the smallest conditions can interfere with your treatment.

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What are your safety policies?

Some of the many ways that Luxe Beauty Lounge & Mobile Spa is committed to ensuring your safety and peace of mind include:

  • One-time use implements wherever possible
  • Individual product portions used wherever possible
  • Manicure bowls and pedicure bowls cleansed per health department and industry standards with the highest level of chemo-sterilant; disposable pedicure basin liners when working on a mobile basis.
  • Comprehensive training for all employees in cross contamination management and spa treatment protocols
  • Health questionnaires for all guests to fill in, ensuring that services will be safely enjoyed by all
  • Ingredient lists available for those with allergy concerns

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What can I do to maximize my spa experience?

As our guest, we want you to experience the highest level of satisfaction from your experience with our company. Our Service Providers strive to meet your every need and encourage you to express any adjustments as need be. Whether it is the pressure of your massage, music volume, or otherwise, informing your Service Provider of key concerns both prior to and during treatments will help us to ensure that all of your requests and needs have been met.

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What should I wear during my services?

We always recommend wearing something comfortable. If you desire, we will provide you with a body wrap and a robe during your services. For massage services, we do recommend receiving your treatment with the least amount of clothing possible as we always make sure there is proper draping and at all times, only the areas which will be massaged will be exposed. This gives your Massage Practitioner the freedom to massage your body in a flowing manner without restrictive clothing. Of course, if you feel more comfortable, we recommend only wearing underwear. For certain services, such as a body wrap, we will provide you with disposable undergarments.

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What is the length of a typical mobile spa party?

Depending upon the circumstances, a good length for a spa party is typically between 3-4 hours. We bring as many technicians as need be to complete your party's services within this time frame. If you would like your spa party to be completed in a shorter amount of time, for spa parties, a minimum charge of $120 per technician applies.

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